Aquaduct Television cabinet redesign $70 SOLD

Aquaduct Television cabinet redesign $70 SOLD

Virginia bought an unfinished television cabinet from me after the Leisure yellow buffet/record cabinet sold quickly. So, she got to select the exact color she wanted and we went back and forth a bit between more of a blue hue or green hue. I LOVE the choice we made. It is so soft and will look great in her neutrally colored living room. This was my first time refinishing the interior of a piece and I have to admit it was tough. Lots of intricate corners. Loved the Sherwin Williams ProChoice paint I used and it was perfect after two coats, but I got a sudden urge to add one more coat and this was the final product. Also added two layers of gloss polyurethane for just a bit more sheen. I think I stood in the handle aisle at Home Depot for about 30 minutes debating about the handles. She had requested a silver finish, and I was debating between these beautiful silver crystal handles and plain silver handles with a design. Loved these crystal ones too much to let them go. They were a bit pricey, but add just the right about of shab to this chicy little cabinet.


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